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Can I recover my Galley Kitchen Remodeling investment when I sell? What can I do to make sure that the work is done right?

The approximate costs and value of a typical Galley Kitchen Remodeling project are summarized below.

Ideas, costs, tips and plans - the information you need for a successful Galley Kitchen Remodeling project November 2016 Homeowners have many important questions about their Galley Kitchen Remodeling Project. Use this information to develop a budget, bid requirements, hiring contracts and a project plan.

Costs, materials and best practices for the example Galley Kitchen Remodeling project will help you answer these questions.

The backsplash is made from the same subway tiles you see in a lot of kitchens (and subways) β€” but these are laid in a herringbone pattern, for just a little touch of the unexpected.

Hari and Kaity found their contractor, Jamal, on Sweeten, a free online resource that connects homeowners with local design and construction experts for renovations.

The galley kitchen is perhaps the most efficient of all kitchens when it comes to the original and primary use of the kitchen: cooking.

After all, this layout takes its name from the galley, or kitchen, of a ship or airplane.

The dishwasher blends in with the surrounding cabinets, thanks to a matching front panel.

For size differences of up to 25%, scale total costs in direct proportion to the size of your project.

Use the adjusted costs as a basis for setting a material budget and for comparing contractor bids (if you choose to have a professional perform the work).

This galley kitchen in a Brooklyn one-bedroom wasn't quite the nightmare that some of our 'before' kitchens present β€” but as soon as they closed on the apartment, homeowners Hari and Kaity knew they wanted to do something about the kitchen's dark, cramped layout. ) cabinet lighting didn't quite make up for a lack of natural light, and the layout of the appliances meant that what countertop space there was was strangely segmented.

One of the biggest changes made during the remodel was opening up the kitchen.

β€œThe dining area feels more like its own space this way,” says Scales.

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