Updating mac operating system


The latest version of mac OS is mac OS 10.12 Sierra, which was publicly released in September 2016.As for feature requirements, you may want to check this page to see if a feature that you want works with your Mac.designed to run on Apple's Macintosh computers ("Macs"), having been preinstalled on all Macs since 2002.Within the market of desktop, laptop and home computers, and by web usage, it is the second most widely used desktop OS after Microsoft Windows.Just as Apple regularly updates its i OS mobile operating system, the company also periodically updates its OS X operating system for its Mac computers.If you own an i Mac, Mac mini, Mac Book, Mac Book Pro, Mac Book Air, Mac Pro, or Xserve, regularly updating your computer with the newest operating system is a great way to ensure that your device always has the latest apps, features, and security enhancements.However, these will likely be just about the only things Apple continues to update for Lion over the next year.Development of OS patches costs Apple money and developer resources.

In recent history, Apple has only patched operating system vulnerabilities for the current and two previous versions of OS X.This is handy for those of you who wish to facilitate clean installs of mac OS Sierra.Watch our video below to see how, and read the full tutorial here.Every time there's a new update, the Internet is shelled by “this bricked my PC” crowd. Remember, all doesn’t prefer the automatic update processes.The vast majorities of these people configure their machines in unusual ways and install faulty software. For example, if you use your Mac consistently, you'll get notifications for any available updates and eventually you'll be able to manage them at your convenience.For now, the only security-related update Apple is still releasing for Snow Leopard is its XProtect "[un]Safe Downloads List," but there's no way of knowing for sure how much longer Apple will continue to update it.

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