Updating wesite on godaddy

This weekend, I ran an upgrade on the Word Press software I use for running this blog.I was running Word Press 3.4.1 and I updated it to 3.7.1.The changes we request are simple, but it can be a rather frustrating task if you don't have any experience with editing your domain records.

The custom domain name feature allows you to set up your Weebly site with a domain name you've already registered through Go Daddy.

While the Professional Web Services team works on your project, you can use the Design Manager to easily request updates to your website or Web store.

You can send your Design Specialist a description of your update.

However, a domain name is not included in the price.

Also, if you plan to open an online shop, you can only do this with their “Online Store” plan.

Afterward your browser should display latest version of your website.

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