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They cover everything in relatable, matter-of-fact ways, kinda like talking to your nonjudgmental, cool aunt or uncle.

Scarleteen “just gets it”, and they want to help you understand and be well-informed, too. Dangerous Lilly’s blog is where you go for objective, scrutinizing sex toy/product reviews, in-depth guides to all sex-toy-related things (seriously, read them all!

), and getting educated on toxic and unsafe toys and the companies making and marketing them.

She’s a badass with a well-designed, badass blog.“A Girl Like Me” is an outstanding blog of The Well Project that is helping to rid the stigma of living with HIV while being a safe place of understanding for girls and women who are HIV-positive.

We had never quite said, but each knew in our heads The goal of our late night foray; There was only one house whose black shutters and spires Cast long inky shadows by day.

The house of nightmares was the subject of dares For children much older than we, But we knew we must try to sneak in and spy, My sister, my black cat and me.

Whether it is a vanilla norm or a BDSM extreme, Sunny can (and will! Scarleteen offers “sex ed for the real world”; covering topics of sex, relationships, pregnancy, parenting, sexuality, abuse and more.

But they are so much more than that, Scarleteen is a support organization that is there for you and anyone who needs a someone to hear them out and answer the tough, otherwise uncomfortable questions.

The teenage girl living here is a college student who’s put photos of herself dancing and laughing with her friends on several social ­networking websites.In China, criminalization has limited the growth of a coherent and cohesive set of nongovernmental organization (NGO) actors working with sex workers to prevent HIV infection.Compared with other risk groups for HIV sexual transmission, such as men who have sex with men, the NGO community for sex workers is fragmented and poorly coordinated with government efforts, and basic rights for sex workers are often violated. Let this be the most snow you see until the thaws begin! I’m sure it will be smooth sailing for the rest of the season… I remember well the painful jaws of the Great Grey Beast of February. I know I have been remiss in my Halloween cards for the last couple years; I have as an excuse the general madness of my life lately — this year in particular. My sympathies for all my east coast friends who got a lot of snow dumped on them this weekend. In lieu of an actual card, here’s an old chestnut that I hope you’re not tired of yet: Devil’s Night It was called Devil’s Night in the town where I lived That veiled night before Halloween, When goblins came out and devils ran wild And some said that witches were seen.

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