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She was only about 5 years old when her mother left. It was, like, piled up on each other, and i didn't understand why, 'cause i thought it was gonna look like a big castle." One night, when Nicki was younger, her father burned her home to the ground.

Eventually though, Nicki's mother came back for her. I could always remember the smell when i got out of the airport of the snow, and i had never seen snow. The night before the fire was set, her mother had a vision about it so she sent Nicki and her brother to sleep at a friend's house. My mother was in the house and she had to run out at the last minute." A major turning point for this rap sensation was when her mother passed away in 2003.

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Fantasy was my reality." So as you probably know by now, Nicki Minaj is her stage name and she portrays herself as a barbie to the public. "For her debut album, Minaj created another alter-ego named "Roman Zolanski".[45] She stated that in songs like "Bottoms Up" with Trey Songz it is not Nicki rapping, but instead Roman Zolanski, and claims that Roman is her "twin sister".His subsequent albums, Lights Out (2000) and 500 Degreez (2002), went on to be certified gold.Wayne reached higher popularity with his fourth album Tha Carter (2004), which was led by the single "Go D.G.'z, alongside fellow New Orleans-based rapper Lil' Doogie. Along with being the flagship artist of Cash Money Records, Lil Wayne is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of his own label imprint, Young Money Entertainment, which he founded in 2005.In 1996, Lil Wayne joined the southern hip hop group Hot Boys, with his Cash Money label-mates Juvenile, Young Turk and Lil' Doogie (who now goes by B. Lil Wayne's solo debut album Tha Block Is Hot (1999), was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).Sharing a photo of the two at her studio, she captioned the shot with flame and...

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