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“It was like a gift.” The pair also regularly had dinner with Rickles, and told Kimmel that they would sneak him cookies and hot dogs, much to the disappointment of his wife of 52 years, Barbara, a native of Wynnefield.Saget’s penchant for giving Rickles hot dogs actually upset her so much at one dinner, she had to leave the table, giving Saget a setup for a joke. And this is one that I’ll always remember,” Saget said. He would do it lovingly, too.” Saget also shared with Kimmel the last conversation he had with Rickles, which, fittingly, was lovingly insulting.The 57-year-old acted as father to show characters D. He recounted the times when he had to take care of the then 9-month-old girls even in the smelliest circumstances.“Cameras were rolling and one of the young ladies had made a poop, which had to be removed or we would have been holding a child with a smashed-poo-filled diaper for a long scene,” Saget writes in his book, according to Mail Online.They decided to end the show versus losing their main cast members.Imgur" title=" There was indeed supposed to be a 9th season.Survivors include his wife Barbara, daughter Mindy, and two grandchildren. Our role as an independent, fact-based news organization has never been clearer.

’ And he said, ‘What do I have to do to get you out of my life? “So I did apparently have something to do with it.” Kimmel, for his part, agreed in a way that Rickles likely would have found appropriate.Both Saget and Stamos were close friends with Rickles, and Saget was visibly upset while speaking about the late comedian on the show.Kimmel himself choked up during a monologue following Rickles’ death last week, saying that Rickles’ moniker of “Mr. Saget, who Rickles said looked like a “Jewish Clark Kent,” echoed Kimmel’s sentiment, telling the crowd that the late comic mercilessly mocked people "lovingly." “When he was mean to you, it was like a privilege,” Saget said. He was talented, funny and deeply devoted to his family.stars recalled how the comedian -- who died last week at age 90 -- was always advising them to settle down and meet some good women. "He was worried about Bob." Stamos pointed out that he's now "madly in love" with girlfriend Caitlin Mc Hugh and Rickles did meet her and approved of their relationship.Saget shares a few details into his life when it comes to family-related death, losing a job, divorce, near-death experiences, personal demons, and his eventual transformation into a dirty comedian.

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