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Normally if it’s about me personally, I laugh and keep it moving but in this climate of Church Discouragement I felt the need to respond!

Anthony AKA “Tonex” Williams has been and always will be a son of mine.

The news set off a storm of controversy within the gospel music world and the church, but won him new fans as well.

Salutations 2 all, After long contemplation and much financial & emotional hardship I have decided that Tonex needs go on hiatus from the music industry.

The label doesn’t give me advances because my contract a is real wack. I haven’t done everything right, but what I ‘ve been expericencing here recently is wrong. I don’t wanna hear any scriptures and I don’t wanna hear any Oh, God’s gonna bring you out type stuff right now. I’ve still been pastoring and that’s been the only thing that really brings me joy, to see others blessed.

5th), Kee took to Facebook to respond to an unnamed preacher whom he says wrote a “very ugly commentary” about him after he invited openly gay gospel artist Tonex to sing with him at in Los Angeles at the West Angeles Church of God In Christ, COGIC, this past October.

But I’m not blaming them, it’s hard for anyone to reall get me as an artist because I am not the normal type of artist. I don’t fit totally into Gospel because I don’t sing JESUS JESUS JESUS all day and I don’t fit into mainstream because I don’t sing SEX SEX SEX all day either. I’m not writing this so that people can feel sorry, I’m blogging my thoughts out. Sorry that I let some of you down but it wasn’t intentional.

It got out of control.” After Tribbett’s wife found out about his side relationship, she sought revenge by cheating on him with another man.Friend, Tye Tribbett recently took to his personal Instagram sharing: This is MY BROTHER right here. annual “Singers, Musicians & Arts Conference” (SMAC) on August 14-17 in Toledo, OH, according to EEW Magazine’s insiders, the 38-year-old performer, real name Anthony Charles Williams II, appeared to be showing signs of transformation.I will continue to sell my projects online and things like that via YOTONEX but I think I need to just dissappear until I can find a place where I can live at least comfortably. I might still write for others and stuff like that but as for me and my house?Right now I am an 8 time Stellar Award winning , 2 time Dove award winning, Grammy nominated, Gold Selling artist with no furniture, Divorced, No chairs, No money. What’s funny is I still have people writing to me kicking me while I’m down. , y’all take it and have it because i’ve been nothing but slung in through the mud.The 38 year old megastar has announced that he’ll be performing at his first concert under the Tonéx moniker in 10 years at the historic Howard Theatre in DC on September 15th at 1PM. As you know Tonéx has been an ever present hot topic among many since his recent showing at Dorinda Clark-Cole’s annual Singers, Musicians, and Arts Conference. I’m still TRYING to present it on the level he did it YEARS AGO! His production n creativity STILL inspires me to this DAY! I honor you bro, for makin the way for this generation of the presenters of gospel music.

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