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BCT rapidly became the place to go to for your favorite blindness technology related podcasts.BCT also became a place where people could socialize and talk about many other things that weren’t necessarily technology related.The Hollywood Nerd will have an interest in some 'geeky' subject such as comic books, science fiction, or baseball, helping identify them as a loser, especially if they still live in their parent's basement.However, this will rarely be shown with sufficient detail to make it realistic to someone 'in the know', or it will be a mismatch of fandoms. They may even shoot straight into Hot Scientist or Hot Librarian territory without help from their smarts to pull it off.May be involved in an Ugly Duckling Beautiful All Along story if they do get paired off with someone. ARGUMENT FROM PERSONAL INCREDULITY (I) (1) If evolution is false, then creationism is true, and therefore God exists. ARGUMENT FROM UNINTELLIGENCE (1) Okay, I don't pretend to be as intelligent as you guys you're obviously very well read. ARGUMENT FROM CREATIVE INTERPRETATION (1) God is: (a) The feeling you have when you look at a newborn baby. (8) [Atheist gives up and goes home.] (9) Therefore, God exists. (d) Humankind's potential to overcome their difficulties. (4) I can use religious exemption claims to tie the IRS up in court.

And Katie Salmon proved she was still going strong with Dani Whittaker - her flame of less than two months - as they hit the town in Amsterdam on Saturday night.

A pair of towering grey suede boots added further sex appeal to the look as she strutted along with her girl.

Dani, a sports masseuse, looked equally as glamorous as she bared her perky assets in a perilously plunging khaki dress.

Take your average attractive actor or actress and stick on Nerd Glasses, a lab coat and some mussed hair and clothes to make them Hollywood Homely.

They are probably also Hollywood Dateless, and the social ineptitude may only be an Informed Flaw.

TELEOLOGICAL ARGUMENT (I) (1) Check out the world/universe/giraffe. (3) Continue process until the atheist admits he doesn't know the answer to one of your questions.

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