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I’m still not in the mindset of being in a committed relationship. So that means I’m going on dates with guys who didn’t grow up with me or were in my inner-circle- which really means they don’t know about me and my diabetes.

But I decided to start dating (and yes this includes online dating). They very well might not even know I have diabetes or work in it. It’s definitely been an interesting dating experience- even beyond the diabetes.

You don't have to have roots in Erin to appreciate the joys of a cable knit sweater from Ireland.

Also known as an Aran knit or a fisherman's sweater, these highly individualized garments are second to none in warmth and enduring rugged style.

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Plenty of other famous faces have helped friends and even strangers tie the knot.Patrick announced the news on Twitter, and Ian followed up on Facebook with a photo of himself with his officiant papers and a “Minister” t-shirt.He wrote, “I did my part.” Plus: 30 Ways to Keep Everyone Warm and Dry at Your Fall Wedding In July 2013, Benedict Cumberbatch (seen seated at left) officiated the marriage of friends Seth Cummings and Rob Rinder in Ibiza. Erin Fetherston’s Caribbean Fairy-Tale Wedding Jennifer Garner’s TV dad and Alias costar Victor Garber officiated her June 2005 ceremony with Ben Affleck in Turks and Caicos. Victor is also godfather to their oldest daughter, Violet.You would think it is as simple as getting into your car and driving to the beach, but my dear friends, getting yourself ready for the summer is a major struggle.Preparations for next summer start right when the current beach season is over, only to find yourself panicking in April because you thought it wouldn’t come this soon.Ian Mc Kellen made headlines over the weekend when he officiated the wedding of pal Patrick Stewart and girlfriend Sunny Ozell.

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